Bada Dashain- A festival of Hindus

Bada Dashain is the first important and longest celebrated festival of Hindus. It has its different names like Dashain or Vijaya Dashami.  The way of celebration and name differ but most of them celebrate with same zeal and enthusiasm.

The first day is called ‘Ghatasthapana’ where a special worship room is setup to start ‘pooja’. In this  room a plant called ‘Jamara’ is planted where people worship till 9 days. Similarly different goddess are worshiped in different days. The tenth day of Dashain we put ‘tika’ of rice in forehead with mixture of ‘Abir’ to make it red and some do it with curd. And it continuous till next five days. People also gets blessing from their respected seniors.  There is also a tradition of getting new clothes and having big feast, we in Nepal celebrate Dashain till fifteen days till to the full moon i.e ‘poornima’ also swing are made up of bamboo and coconut rope. People fly kite which is seen attractive. All over people if Nepal worship Goddess Durga. There is a music to symbolize Dashain called ‘Malshree Dhun’ which is played all over.

Dashain has its own stories, importance and significance. It is regarded as victory of good over bad. Dashain reminds us every year that the evil may be strong for a time; the truth and good will always prevail over it.

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