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C-Programming Examples 

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  1. Numeric Palindrome in C programming.
  2. String Palindrome in C- Programming
  3. Armstrong or not in C-Programming.
  4. Positive Negative or Zero in C-Programming.
  5. Even or Odd in C-Programming.
  6. Sum of Natural Numbers in C-Programming
  7. Factorial of a number with or without recursion
  8. Number of employees getting salary between 5000-10000 -C Program
  9. Display Name of the day on the basis of number entered (1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday in C-Program)
  10. Counting Vowel and Consonant in C-program
  11. Count Vowel and Consonant using C-Program
  12. Fibonacci Sequence in C-Program
  13. Hailstone series in C-Program
  14. Factorial of a number
  15. display number of employee salary between 50k and 100k
  16. Greatest among four numbers in C-Programming
  17. Arranging name in alphabetical order
  18. Menu Driven Program in C-Programming
  19. Enter five name and post of employees and display in proper format using Structure in C-Program
  20. Enter name and post of ‘N’ employees and display using structure in C-Program
  21. Compare two string function in C-Program
  22. Enter elements of 4×4 matrix and find sum of elements of matrix in C-Program
  23. Transpose Matrix in C program
  24. Input 10 integer in array and find total in C program
  25. Multiplication table in C program
  26. Decimal to Binary using while statement in C program
  27. Binary to Decimal in C Program
  28. Print number entered and find sum using do while statement in C program
  29. HCF and LCM using while statement in C program
  30. Prime or Not using for statement in C program
  31. Product of matrix in C program
  32. Generate random numbers in C Program
  33. Sum of digits in C Program
  34. Enter  Record and Store information
  35. Add Two Matrices in C Program
  36. Multiplication of two integer using function in C -Program
  37. Read five positive number using array find least among them
  38. String Functions in C Program
  39. specific Numeric Pattern in Using C Program 
  40. Numeric Patterns in C Program
  41. Greatest among input number ‘N’ using array in C Program.
  42. Input ‘N’ numbers in array and find sum using array in C program.
  43. Sort Numbers in Ascending order using Array in C Program
  44. Sort the names and address into alphabetical order using structure
  45. Sum of N integer using recursion
  46. Message in a file C Program
  47. C Program to calculate power of any base
  48. Find the sum of 10 integer numbers using defined function using C program
  49. Write a program using structure in C that reads records of 10 students with roll number, name, address and displays the records of student who obtained greater than 250
  50. Write a C program to swap the value of two integers without using third variable
  51. Write a program in C using structure to enter the id and four different subjects marks of 3 students and display them in proper format along with total and percentage. (Note: Marks should be between 0 and 100)
  52. ‘N’ number of Name, address,phone in a file and display in proper format in C program
  53. Write a program in C to display the students of age 20-25 and store in file
  54. Write a program in C to copy file using file handling
  55. Write a program in C to enter ‘N’ of data using file handling (user choice)
  56. Write a C program to read marks of any 10 students in computer science and count how many have scored above 80