Chatbot-An interactive agent

Chatbots are virtual users that simulate a conversation with another human. It is a computer program which conducts a conversation in  audio or text. Chatbots have come a long run. It’s built on AI technology.

The Chatbot idea was coined by Michael Maudin in 1994. Chatbots have been used in instant message applications and online interactive games. Its often used in online and in messaging apps but now its included in many operating system as intelligent virtual assistants.

Chatbots are also used as virtual assistants that help people navigate their daily lives like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana , Amazon’s Alexa. Its Time saving and efficiency. For many years but years but have recently segued into Business to consumer(B2C) and Business to Business (B2B).

Chatbots are used on facebook page. We can create predefined responses. When the customer contact us in our facebook page, they will get a response instantly. This is will be great as we don’t have to hire extra manpower to answer these all questions.


In this fast growing world of AI, consumers are getting technological help in all sides. The internet provides various ways to get information and has radically changed the way we communicate.

Chatbots is a program that connects human to help solving the queries. While interacting with a chatbot , one should feel as talking with a real person. It provides a quick response and can resolve many queries at the same time. Human cannot deal with all the customers at the same time but chatbot can do it at the same time.

Chatbots are dramatically changing the business as it can reach and communicate with large audience. Its more effective than humans.

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