Cyber Crime: 

The Information Technology (IT) have led to innovative development of growth of economic and people’s daily life. With the invention of IT in modern world it made our work easier and faster. Internet is one of the innovative invention. Nowadays people are attracted to the negative side of the internet rather than using the positive part of it.  Most of the crimes are committed with the internet i.e cyber crime. Any criminal activity which is carried out with the technological gadgets and internet are called cyber crime. In context to our country Nepal, it is emerging problem and also its increasing day by day. The cause of cyber crime can be refereed as Passion of Youngsters and Desire of making money.   There are different types of Cyber Crime :

  1. Social Media Cyber Crime
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Piracy
  4. Hacking
  5. Impostor

1. Social Media Cyber Crime: It is one of the trending cyber crime in Nepal. It includes creation of fake profile intentionally to harm someone with the use of social medias like Facebook, Twitter etc. We hear many news about these in the news. Harassment is done in the social medias. Harassing messages, comments and other unusual activities is increasing. People are use to of keeping there location on the social medias.  With the facility of Facebook’s check-in features Robbers may kept eye on you. A robber always may not be a stranger.

2. Plagiarism: Another cyber crime in Nepal is Plagiarism. It is the act of taking someone others writings, lyrics and even ideas and views as your own. It may be included from internet, books, articles, news paper etc. Recently we heard the news about copying Master Level Thesis which is against the law. If we summarized someone other’s writings then we must give credit to the original writer in the form of bibliography at the end.

3.Piracy: The act of stealing and selling the legally copyright software or any content which is protected legally under the copyright law. It can be anything like software, company logos etc.

4. Hacking:  It is the process of  modifying or deleting the features of any computer system. It is also one of the emerging crime in Nepal. The control over the website is snatched by the hackers from the owner of the website or any application. Many government and private websites are hacked by the Anonymous group. Some of the hacker group in Nepal are: NOOB (considered as White Hat Hacker), and OPNEP.

5. Impostor: It is an act of pretending to be someone else in order to deceive / fraud others.

Cyber Law:

 It deals with the legal issues on the usage of Internet and all gadgets. In order to prevent and control the cyber crime Nepal government issued cyber law on 30th Bhadra, 2061. Cyber law provides the legal recognition of electronic documents, punishment for cyber crimes etc.   The capabilities of of computer is very strong so one should know the usages of the computer so a set of moral principle that regulates the usage of computers. There are few commandments which we need to follow:

  • Do not use computer to harm others , to steal or to spoil other’s work.
  • Do not interfere on other’s people computer work or snoop around.
  • Do not publish fake information.
  • Do not use other people’s computer resources without authorization.
  • Do not use computer to bear false witness.

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