The evolutionary journey of human has passed through many stages before getting into present situation. The continuous quest for more and more facilities of human, he has been able to invent many new things. Few years back the term internet was not known by most of the people but now Internet has become most powerful means of communication and source of information throughout the globe. Due to internet earth has virtually reduced and has attained the form of global village. Internet brought globe into the single room, it is the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication. As internet has always speedy communication, which is preferred by all.  There is no one person or a single company that can be called inventor of Internet technology. It’s hard work, creations, innovation of many geniuses that helped in the creation of www(world wide web).

Internet also provide huge information which can be used as study material. It can be referred as a treasure to grab any kind of information. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc can be used to search the information. Internet also used for entertainment purpose like downloading songs, videos etc. Nowdays social network also has become popular among youths. One of the most famous social sites is Facebook. We just cannot imagine the world without internet. We are habitual of it.

Internet also provides negative impact to general people. Too much use of Internet may distract mind and we might be lazy in doing regular works.  Children may prefer to play games rather than studying of playing with other kids. Pornography is the biggest disadvantages of Internet for children and teenagers. Internet allows to access and download pornographic photos and videos. It also can play havoc role in marital and social lives of adults. It is quite difficult to know either we are using internet or internet is using us.

Thus, Internet has potential to make our life simple and convenient also weak and havoc. With the clever use we can manage to harness its unlimited potential. We have on our own hand to make our life simple or havoc.

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