Struggle of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs or Steven Jobs

Steve Jobs was an American inventor, designer and entrepreneur was chairman, co-founder and C.E.O. of Apple Computer.

He was born 24 Feb 1955 in California, USA.  His mother wanted some other to adopt him as she was still unmarried college student. Later a middle class family, Paul Jobs and Karla Jobs adopted him.

They tried their best to fulfill the requirement of Steve although they were middle class family. They admitted Steve to one of the best school on Monta Loma School. Later he admitted on Reed College-USA his parent’s spent their savings for the college fee but later he dropped out after 6 months.

“It is awful to taste the medicine but the patient needed it.” -Steve Jobs

He didn’t have a room to sleep and he slept on the floor in friend’s room and he returned coke bottles for the deposits to buy food with and walked 7 miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the temple.

Steve learned how to be perfect not  visually but also from internally from this father Paul Jobs. He implemented same thing on iPhone while developing it. It made it perfect with best functionality and features in it.

Once Reed College offered the calligraphy instruction, each poster and label was beautifully calligraphed. As he was dropped from the college and did not have to take the normal classes. He learned about different types of fonts like Serif and San-serif typefaces and varying different letter combinations which was beautiful and fascinating.

Steve designed into MAC – the first computer with beautiful typography.  Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak established Apple in the garage, where they worked very hard and after 10 years of time Apple was grand success with 4000+ employees and released the finest creation i.e. Macintosh then he got fired from the company he started.

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish.”- Steve Jobs

As Apple grew , they hired someone who was talented to run the company, for the timing everything was fine  but the vision of the future began to diverge and eventually Apple start to fall down and BOD (Board of Director) sided with that new person. After Steve got fired , his entire struggle was gone in vain. He even thought of running out of Silicon valley. He still loved what he did in his life and being fired from Apple became the best thing which even happened to him. During next five years he established a new company named NeXT and Pixar. Pixar created world first animated movie Toy Story and now it is one of the successful story in the world.

“You cannot connect dots looking forward but you can connect dots looking backward.”- Steve Jobs

After few years of journey Apple bought NeXT and Steve returned to Apple. The technology which is developed in NeXT became the heart of Apple and all these things would not be possible is Steve was not fired from Apple.

After few years he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and died fighting with 5th Oct- 2011 at California, USA. Steve Jobs gave innovation to the world of the computer technology.

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