HTML Introduction

1. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is used to create  web page. Whenever we visit any web site using the web browser, web site appears on the browser created by HTML. It describes the layout of the text, image etc. A web page can be created in any other text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime text etc. Also can be prepared by software program which is used to create web page like Adobe Dreamweaver, MS-FrontPage etc.

The use of WWW has been increasing day by day and it is the mostly used service of the Internet which was created by Tim Berner Lee and his partners. Its popularity is increasing because of it ease of use and multimedia capabilities.

The codes / commands in the HTML are called Tags or HTML Tags. Each Tags has its own capabilities and html is not case sensitive. There are two types of html tags: Container Tag and Empty Tag.

2. HTML5

HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the web. It is fifth version of HTML standard. In HTML 5 there are three kinds of code, HTML- which provides the structure and shape, CSS- which take care of presentation and JavaScript -.which makes the  things happen.

HTML could hardly handle simple page layout but HTML5 can be used to handle high definition videos and display it in high graphics. It is designed in such a way that we can do almost everything which we want display online without requiring additional software’s. It is friendly to every smartphones, laptops or a smart TV. Chrome, Safari supports HTML5.

Flash Player was used in browsers to display the media on web pages. It is often used for animations and videos to play in the web browsers. Many video websites have moved from Flash to HTML5.

HTML5 uses web SQL databases application for temporary storing of data and virtual vector graphics are supported. It supports new kind of form controls like dates and times, email, number etc.  also many more new elements are introduced and some of them are aside, header, footer, nav etc.

HTML5 is easy to use and have better UI functionality. The improved parsing algorithm have countless advantages in code. One of the primary work of HTML5 is to allow the browser to function and it helps developers to enhance the controls of the webpages. HTML5 also added a new element i.e. menu element which are uses to add the menu command in the application.

Structure of HTML



<TITLE>This is Test Page</TITLE>



This is where Text and other tags are written.





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