Machine Learning a Probabilistic Perspective

World is filled with lots of data: images, music, texts, videos generated not only by people but also by computers and other devices. This will only continue to grow and we will transform in to automated system that can learn from data. We are entering era of big data, there are about 1 trillion of web pages , 1 hour of video is uploaded every second in the world. This deluge of data calls for automated method of data analysis which is what machine learning provides. It is a set of method that can automatically detect patterns in data and then use uncovered patterns to predict future data of to perform other kinds of decision making under uncertainty such as planning how to collect more data.

We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge. John Naisbitt

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are creating huge buzz. These two words are still unknown to the people. It is a method of data analysis. Arthur Samuel, a pioneer in the field of AI in 1959. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which uses statistical method to give system the ability to learn from data, identify patterns and make decision with minimum human effort.

 Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence that learns from the data and also involves the information gathered from the previous experiences and allows the computer program to change it behaviour.

AI is the study of training the computers and making them ready for work which human can do. AI is not a system itself but it is implemented in the system and Machine Learning is said to learn from the experiences. The aim is to increase accuracy and learning from data on certain task to maximize the performance of machine on this task.

Today’s web enables deluge of electronic data calls for automated method of data analysis. Machine Learning provides developing methods that can automatically detects patterns in data and then use uncovered patterns to predict future data

Tagging people and objects in picture is clearly machine learning applied , Movie Recommendor and another example Google search, every time we are using it gives result as per our personal interest , which result to show you first. also self-parking system and self-driving vehicle. Its being unexpected features. Machine Learning is tools and technology which we can utilize answer questions with our data.

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