Traditional paperless and modern technology

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, it makes our work easier and faster reducing the effort. It is also referred as the innovation or modification of something which satisfies human needs. Technological aspect we are improving day by day, updating ourselves.

Traditionally there were different way of performing the task, which utilized indigenous methods. Few years back there wasn’t any trend of using software or any kind of mobile apps to perform task. People used to do their work with heaps of files consuming lots of time and sometime with incorrect output. And searching information or data is time consuming while we need to turn each page.

Many business would rather than the use of traditional papers, the only one reason is that they feel frustrated by heaps of papers, bills, receipts etc.In today’s modern world it’s really shameful, not to use latest modern technology. We can reduce paperwork which improves the productivity.

 Technology that keeps everything in digital format and backed up means that we never need to waste time searching any data. Backups can be easily kept while backs ups in traditional system means photocopies of particular data which again means wastage of page.

 This could be the best way to reduce the amount of money we spend on papers is to use the technology that makes every form we use digital. We also can access our information from anywhere with the availability of the Internet and find out the data / information which we need with latest technology rather than traditional technology of heaps of files.

Use of manpower can be avoided in traditional system by upgrading into latest modern technology. With a huge emphasis on latest technology and reducing the paperwork we can accomplish our work faster and start another new one. No matter what type of business we operate there is always sure to be innovative technology which is utilized to the advantage of the business

But nowadays due to enhancement of technology we have numerous software / applications to perform our daily work and of course it’s reducing our effort. Present Government is also moving towards the technology friendly environment to make work easier and faster with paper less working environment .

Some of the mobile apps made our work much easier for the payment of the bills like e-sewa. Nowadays most of the banks are with it mobile apps where we can use different types of services like fund transfer, recharge cards, enquiry etc. we can use all these services with simple android mobile phones or apple mobile phones. But few years back we need to go the Bank itself in long queue to do these work.

Sometime we hear about the leakage of data, deletion of data etc. these all things are in our own hand. We need to keep our data secure without password leakage.

Sec U rity is always incomplete without a letter U   i.e YOU.


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