PHP Introduction


PHP is an acronym of “Hypertext Preprocessor” which is widely used open source server side scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

PHP’s original name is Personal Home Page created by Ramsum Lerdofr in 1994. PHP runs on various platforms Windows, Linux Mac Os etc. It is compatible with almost all servers Apache, IIS etc. Its extension is .php

It is executed on the server. PHP file can contain HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and PHP code.
It can generate dynamic webpages and can create , delete, read, close file and collect data on the server.
It also can add, delete , modify data in the database also can encrypt it


<!DOCTYPE html>

echo “Hello WILDCAT”;


Client Side Scripting.

A script code of website which runs on the client side is called client side scripting. It executes on the web browsers. It is used for validation on web page. Java script and VB script are used for client side scripting.
It works at the front end and scripts are visible among the users , so it is less secure and does not need any interaction with the servers.

Server Side Scripting.

A script code of website which runs on the Server side is called Server side scripting. It executes on the server like Apache, IIS etc. It is used for developing the business logic and connecting to the database.
PHP, ASP and JSP languages used for server sider scripting. It works in the backend which could not be visible at the client end. It requires server interaction and it is more secure than client side scripting as the server side hidden from the users.

WAMP : Windows Apache MySQL PHP
It is software package where Apache, MySQL and PHP is installed for windows.

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