Bangladesh Plane Crash

It was a cool afternoon. I was just moving out of my work place. Then one of my colleague informed me about the plane accident at TIA (Tribhuwan International Airport)

Then on the way we talked about the accident and we were shocked on the conclusion that Nepal was quite insecure in Air. Since from 1999. Indian Airlines was hijacked from TIA which was flying to India. and in the year 2012-A plane carrying trekkers to Everest got hit with a bird and crashed in Kathmandu. and many more domestic air accidents. We were quite confused in the reason behind it.. Is it really lack of manpower or lack of technology.

Current plane crash killed many people including MBBS students who completed their studies and returned back to Nepal with never fulfilled dreams. This was really a heart breaking moment for their parents, relatives and for the country. We loose many doctors. 5 years of day night studies and they came back to Nepal to meet their family and share their joys after adding ‘Dr.’ in front of their name but instead ‘Late’ was added forcefully.

I cannot divert my mind from that incident. Whenever I try to close my eyes, the plane crash moment comes in my mind and think about their family. The scream of their parents, their dreams are all shattered in the plane. Nepal is in huge loss and their fam…i…l…..y….

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