Teaching-honourable profession

Teaching as Honourable Profession

The Teacher is a person who helps other to grasp knowledge. In ancient time the students had to go to Gurukul to get knowledge and enlighten. Students used to stay in their teacher’s place till graduation and had to do various tasks to make Teacher happy. Nowadays we have well facilitated classroom with latest technologies which helps students to learn and grasp quickly. Teachers are the person who educate the youngsters of the society who in the long run can be a good leader of the next generation, they play an extraordinary role in the life of children for the formative years of the development and importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated.

According to Maggie Gallagher: “ Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.”

Now, who is a good teacher? The one who only teaches curriculum? Or who do partiality among the students? None of them, but  a good teacher is the one who takes student to the right direction of life.

Teachers are in a unique position to have a direct impact on the students. Being  teacher is not easy and it not just about the salary, it’s about the dignity. Teacher is valuable and honourable profession in the society. Teaching is an exposed profession.  We can see the Play Group student’s as example- according to them perception teacher is always right. The teacher is a person who enables students learn and shouldn’t teach but should enable students learn.

Sometimes teacher have to face problems as well, as workplace are seen as being a negative environment to work with badly behaved persons and people see only the negative part of deed rather than positive parts Only one negative work is bounced high rather ninety nine good works.

Teacher inspires their student and gives them hope to be successful in their life. Teacher has a power to change the world if a book, a pen and a child is given to him. Today’s teacher roles are different than they used to be a decades ago. Only a person kept to teach only specific curriculum to students but now role is quite multifaceted, not only to teach but also counsel to help them to learn but also how to use their knowledge and integrate in to their lives so that they will become successful person in line and one of the valuable person in the society.

Teacher seek to inspire students in all aspects of their lives and for many teachers their greatest goal is to be a role model. Teacher can motivate students to participate and focus on . When the child first steps in the school, he tries to make relationship with the people around him especially the teachers, and whenever they find any problem they first share their problems with their teacher. School is a place where student’s spend most of their time. Student also have their own duties and responsibility like doing assignments provided by teacher on time-as practice makes perfect, avoiding excuses for their behaviour.

Most of the time teacher excuse the mistakes done by the students. Sometime they punish or scold them but it doesn’t mean that he hates students but there will be hidden love and care towards students. As teachers are second parents of students they love and care them and don’t want their student to be in wrong path. School students are at teenage stage and they assume school as a stressful time as they need to perform well in a variety of academics and extracurricular activities and also sometimes bullying at school, sometime teenagers they have conflict with their teacher due to the teenage problem, and all these problems are solved by the teachers and keep their students in right direction. Lastly I would like to thank my all teachers who played an important role to bring me up to this position, without support and guidance of my teacher I would not be successful to climb up to this situation.

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