Teenage Students Behaviour

Student Life

Student life is said to be golden life of human life and it is the happiest period in the life of a person which is realized after the student life is over. It is the period where human spends most of the time of life span. In this period the character is built to live in the society. School student life is one influencing and life-changing experience in the life of any human being.

The primary duty of student is to learn and to acquire knowledge and do all the works at the right moment and maintain punctuality, discipline, respect elders, parents, teachers and try to develop the intellect.

This is the time where student spends most of the time at school with friends and of course at Social Medias. All day they face the whiteboard at the front and listen lecture of teachers through out of the day. Some students listens carefully and acquire knowledge and some make fun of the friends and teachers as well.

Student life is golden and busy life as well. Busy for those who try to acquire knowledge and rest other student they will pick up the relaxed time on Social Medias.

Without completing the assignments or some student’s homework is often accompanied by the Social Medias, partly as distraction and partly for help from friends.

When the long bell which indicate the holiday is the happiest moment for the students. This is the relaxed time in between one to another as immediately after reaching home they need to complete homework for the next day.

Student often says one teacher cannot teach all the subject, how a student can read all the subject because this is the age where student can gain more knowledge from almost all the areas.

Teenager Students

Teenager’s student is the most challenging time for humans, it is during that time they face a wide spectrum of emotions rising from the academics and built of the image. It is hard to imagine going on to have successful.

The age between 13 to 20 is said to be the time of adolescent sorrow and rage. Most of the time teenagers think themselves uniquely cursed or they think themselves as superior then anyone else with illusion of they already acquired all the knowledge, skills and they try to bully to everyone also the time of infatuation.

But there is something which really scares student is examination and of course surprise test and surprise school bag check by the class teachers.

Exam stress can start when student feel that he / she cannot cope with revision or complete the syllabus. But student should not take examination as the nightmare.

Before the examination student should make plans for the syllabus they are going to read about and go for it without fear.

Students are future hope for the country. If utilized properly then student life lays the foundation of future but if misused the defeat is certain. Teenagers must learn to appreciate about small things, choosing the friends circle wisely, being sociable and do the best about everything and can be proud of everything.

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